University of Quebec at Campus Rimouski offers Research in Environmental Chemistry,Organic Chemistry.



University of Quebec at Campus Rimouski

UQAR is from University of Quebec, the biggest university network in Canada with over 86,000 students. The university is truly dedicated to serving the people of its vast territory and the students Have you choose to study there. With its attractive undergraduate and graduate research and teaching programs, UQAR Welcomes some 6,500 students every year, more than 400 of Whom are international students from over 35 countries. It has one of the province's Highest success rates and Its graduates are Effective Widely Sought by Employers Have you reconnaître the quality off to their training.


Environmental Chemistry.
Department of Environmental Chemistry and Bioresources, University of Quebec at Campus Rimouski, 300, allée des Ursulines, CP 3300, succ. A Rimouski (Quebec)G5L 3A1, Canada.
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