University of Southern California offers Research in Biochemistry,Environmental Chemistry.


Rank: 151-200

University of Southern California

University of Southern California was founded in 1880 and it is one of the world's leading private research universities. The Chemistry department provides a high quality education and research experience at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. There are currently 30 faculty. Faculty are involved in a wide range of research representing the classical sub-disciplines (Biological, Inorganic, Organic, Physical,and Chemical Physics) and newly emerging interdisciplinary acitivities such as materials chemistry and nanotechnology.


Petroleum Engineering.
University of Southern California, Viterbi School of Engineering, 925 Bloom Walk, HED 316, Los Angeles, CA 90089-1211, U.S.A.
Department of Chemistry, University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA 90089-1062, U.S.A.
Biological Science.
Biological Sciences, University of Southern California, Hancock Auditorium and Museum (AHF) 107F Los Angeles, California, 90089-0371, U.S.A.
Earth Science.
Department of Earth science / Geochemistry, Zumberge Hall of Science (ZHS), 3651 Trousdale Pkwy, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0740, U.S.A.
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