University of Tasmania offers Research in Analytical Chemistry,Organometallic Chemistry.



University of Tasmania

The University of Tasmania (UTAS) is an international university working out of Tasmania.  The University was founded by an Act of the Tasmanian Parliament on 1 January 1890, and as the fourth oldest university in Australia we are an original 'sandstone' university. UTAS is committed to the creation, preservation, communication and application of knowledge, as well as excellence in all teaching, research and scholarly activities.  Our research is integral to our identity and sense of purpose and we are ranked in the top 10 research universities in Australia. At UTAS, we continue to make far-reaching educational, cultural and economic contributions to Tasmania and the world. While we maintain a strong and distinctive Tasmanian identity, our programs and research are international in scope, vision and standards. UTAS family includes around 50,000 graduates who are now scattered across the globe.


Department of Chemistry, University of Tasmania, Private Bag 75, Hobart, Tasmania, 7001 Australia.
Earth Science.
School of Earth Sciences (Geology, Geophysics & Geochemistry), Department of Geochemistry, University of Tasmania , Private Bag 79 Hobart Tasmania 7001, Germany.
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