University of Tennessee Knoxville offers Research in Analytical Chemistry,Biochemistry.


Rank: 351-400

University of Tennessee Knoxville

University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is one of the oldest public universities in the country It has also had three names before becoming the University of Tennessee. UT had humble beginnings. It started off as Blount College in 1794, two years before Tennessee became a state. Blount College was located where downtown Knoxville exists today and was nonsectarian, which was rare for a higher education institution in those days. The University of Tennessee at Knoxville is the flagship educational institution in the State  and the Department of Chemistry is its oldest PhD granting Department.


Department of Chemistry, 552 Buehler Hall, 1420 Circle Dr., University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-1600, U.S.A.
Earth Science.
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of Tennessee Knoxville, 306 EPS Building, 1412 Circle Dr, Knoxville TN 37996-1410, U.S.A.
Natural Sciences.
Food Science and Technology, University of Tennessee Knoxville, 2605 River Dr. , Knoxville, TN 37996, U.S.A.
Chemical Engineering.
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Tennessee Knoxville, 1512 Middle Drive, 419 Dougherty Engineering Bldg, Knoxville, TN 37996-2200, U.S.A.
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