University of Tulsa offers Research in Theoretical Chemistry,Synthetic Organic Chemistry.



University of Tulsa

The University of Tulsa is a forward-thinking, private university where dedication, excellence, commitment, and integrity are their central mission. The university achieves its mission by educating men and women of diverse backgrounds and cultures to become literate in the sciences, humanities, and arts; think critically, and write and speak clearly; succeed in their professions and careers; behave ethically in all aspects of their lives; welcome the responsibility of citizenship and service in a changing world; and acquire the skills and appetite for lifelong learning. It is one of the nation's Top 100 universities. Research is the intellectual core that drives everything the faculty, students and staff do at The University of Tulsa. It defines TU's role as a higher education institution, industry partner and member of the local and international community.


Biochemistry, Chemistry.
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, The University of Tulsa, Keplinger Hall, 800 South Tucker Drive, Tulsa, OK 74104, U.S.A.
Chemical Engineering.
The University of Tulsa, Dr. Daniel Crunkleton, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of Tulsa, 800 S. Tucker Dr. Tulsa, OK 74104-3189, U.S.A.
University of Tulsa, Department of Geosciences, Keplinger Hall M231, 800 South Tucker Drive, Tulsa, OK 74104, U.S.A.
Petroleum Engineering.
McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering, University of Tulsa, 800 South Tucker Drive, Keplinger Hall L101, Tulsa, OK 74104 ,U.S.A.
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