University of Wisconsin offers Research in Analytical Chemistry,Electrochemistry.


Rank: 51-100

University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin-Madison was founded in 1848. In achievement and prestige, the University of Wisconsin–Madison has long been recognized as one of America's great universities. The University of Wisconsin-Madison is one of the premier public research universities in the United States. Among all U.S.universities, public and private, Wisconsin ranks in the top five in recent evaluations of research activity and expenditures. Chemistry at Wisconsin has attracted outstanding undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, postdoctoral associates, and visiting scholars. The mission of the Chemistry department of Wisconsin-Madison is to conduct world-class,groundbreaking research in the chemical sciences while offering the highest quality of education to undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdocs.


Atmospheric Science.
Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic science, 1225 W. Dayton Street, Madison, WI 53706, U.S.A.
Department of Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin–Madison, 433 Babcock Drive, Madison, WI 53706-1544,U.S.A.
Chemical and Biological Engineering.
Chemical and Biological Engineering Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison,  2014 Engineering Hall, 1415 Engineering Drive, Madison, WI 53706-1607,U.S.A.
Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1101 University Avenue, Madison, WI   53706-1322 ,U.S.A.
Department of Geoscience, Weeks Hall, 1215 W Dayton St, Madison, WI 53706 USA .
Material Science.
Materials Science and Engineering Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 276 Materials Science and Engineering Building , 1509 University Avenue , Madison, WI 53706-1595, U.S.A.
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