University of Zagreb offers Research in Analytical Chemistry,Chemical Engineering.



University of Zagreb

The University of Zagreb was founded in 1669. It is the oldest and biggest university in South-Eastern Europe. Ever since its foundation, the University has been continually growing and developing offers a wide range of academic degree courses leading to Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees. The Department of Chemistry as a component of the Faculty of Science offers the possibility of higher education in scientific research and teaching orientation chemistry. In addition, the Department is developing and implementing scientific and research programs that are integrated into the educational process. The scientific work of the Department contributes to the development of chemical science in the world and serves to raising the level of natural science and technology in Croatia.


Department of Petroleum and Petrochemical, University of Zagreb, Savska 16/II, HR-10000 Zagre,Croatia.
Inorganic Chemistry.
Department of Inorganic Chemistry and non-metals, University of Zagreb, Maruli ev Square 20 / I, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia.
Department of Electrochemistry, University of Zagreb, Savska 16 / I, HR-10000 Zagreb,Croatia.
Analytical Chemistry.
Department of Analytical Chemistry, University of Zagreb, Maruliev trg 20, HR-10000 Zagreb,Croatia.
Physical Chemistry.
Department of Physical Chemistry, University of Zagreb, Maruliev Square 20 / I and III, HR-10000 Zagreb,Croatia.
Organic Chemistry.
Department of Organic Chemistry, University of Zagreb, Maruliev Square 20, on the ground, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia.
Polymer engineering.
Department of Polymer Engineering and Organic Chemical Technology, University of Zagreb, Maruliev Square 20, on the ground, HR-10000 Zagreb,Croatia.
Chemical Engineering.
Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology,University of Zagreb, Marulicev trg 19, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia.
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