University of Zaragoza offers Research in Analytical Chemistry,Organic Chemistry.


Rank: 301-350

University of Zaragoza

The University of Zaragoza is a public institution of higher education and research in the service of society, combining a tradition of five centuries of history with the updating of their teachings.The University of Zaragoza comes from a study of art, created by the church in the twelfth century, where he taught grammar and philosophy, and granting bachelor's degrees. The Graduate in Chemistry from the University of Zaragoza have interdisciplinary training with a broad view of the material systems, ability to solve problems and be pragmatic and flexible to meet the demands required by their profession.


Chemical Engineering.
Department of Chemical Engineering, School of Engineering and Architecture, University of Zaragoza, Campus Rio Ebro, Betancourt Building, 50018-Zaragoza,Spain.
Analytical Chemistry.
Department Of Analytical Chemsitry, Faculty of Science (Building D, first floor), University of Zaragoza, C / Pedro Cerbuna, 12  50009 Zaragoza,Spain.
Organic Chemistry.
Department of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of science Building D. 3rd floor, University of Zaragoza, Campus san francisco, E-50009 Zaragoza, Aragon. Spain.
Inorganic Chemistry.
Department of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Zaragoza, Faculty of science, Peter Cerbuna, 12. 50009 Zaragoza, Spain.
Physical Chemistry.
Department of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zaragoza, c /. Peter Cerbuna, 12. 50009-Zaragoza,Spain.
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