Univresity of Wuppertal offers Research in Analytical Chemistry,Inorganic Chemistry.



Univresity of Wuppertal

Bergische University is a modern, independent university, which is in the Humboldtian tradition of education. Study is in Wuppertal: Exciting content, a well-organized studies, excellent service through motivated professors and excellent career opportunities. A wide range of subjects offers several study options, the new demands of the professional and working world record in real time. Among them are subjects and subject combinations that are unique in Germany. The attractive course content based on recent results of innovative cutting-edge research and are often designed interdisciplinary.


Department of Chemistry, University of Wuppertal, Space L.11.01, Gaußstr. 20, 42 119 Wuppertal, Germany.
Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, Chemical Microbiology, Atmospheric Chemistry, Chemical Education.

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