Yamaguchi University offers Research in Electrochemistry,Inorganic Chemistry.



Yamaguchi University

Faculty of Engineering of Yamaguchi University was founded on May 22, 1939, as Ube Technical College. On June 1 of 1949, Ube Technical College became Faculty of Engineering of Yamaguchi University by joining several other Colleges in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Since then, the Faculty of Engineering located at Ube-Tokiwa campus has extended to be one of the most excellent engineering schools in the western part of Japan. Now, the Faculty of Engineering with following 7 departments accepts 530 fresh students ever year, and alumni play an active part of industry, government, and other fields.


Applied Chemistry.
Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Yamaguchi University, 2-16-1 tokiwadai ube-shi, yamaguchi 755-8611,Japan.
Division of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Yamaguchi University, Yamaguchi 753-8512, Japan.
Electrochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Solid State, Polymer Chemistry.

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