Yangzhou University offers Research in Electrochemistry,Environmental Chemistry.



Yangzhou University

Yangzhou University (YZU) is a key comprehensive provincial university, who pioneered in China in the merging of institution of higher learning The University was established in 1992 as a merger of 6 colleges namely Teachers College Yangzhou, Agricultural College of Jiangsu, Engineering College of Yangzhou, Medical College of Yangzhou, Water Conservancy Engineering College of Jiangsu and Business School of Jiangsu. Currently in YZU there are 34,755 full-time undergraduate students, more than 7,700 postgraduate (doctorate and master) students and about 11,000 students of continued education. YZU has 27 colleges offering 104 undergraduate programs in 12 disciplines. Our mission is that We see our job as building a bridge between cultures. Through this bridge, the faculties and students at YZU go out with global perspective


Chemical Engineering, Chemistry.
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Yangzhou University, 88 South University Ave., Yangzhou, Jiangsu 225009, P. R. China.
Electrochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Surface Chemistry, Nano Science, Industrial Catalysis.

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