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Industrial Waste Management

Industrial Waste Management - Waste Management Expo 2020

Rapid industrialization has resulted in the exorbitant increase of waste generation from numerous industries, in the form of solid waste, liquid waste, gas emissions, e-waste and bio-medical waste. The ways in which wastes are collected, segregated, recovered, recycled, treated or discarded varies from one industry to another. Some of the waste management processes involved in certain industrial sectors include decolouring of effluents, denaturing of chemicals, ultrafiltration of wastewater, recycling of wastewater, recovery of metals from solid waste and treatment of toxic gases.

Waste Management Expo intends to help various industries solve their waste management issues through the latest waste management technologies.


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Major Solutions For:


The electroplating process results in the generation of wastewater constituting activated carbon particles and heavy metals that cannot be directly sent to the sewage treatment plant or discharged without apt treatment. The difficulty faced by the industries is due to the high content of suspended solids. WME will be bringing latest technologies and methods used in electroplating, capable of delivering permeate water of high quality, suitable for reuse.

Distilleries/Breweries (Spent Wash)

On an average, a distillery will produce 3 barrels of wastewater for each barrel distilled. Spent wash has high TSS (total suspended solids), BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) and COD (chemical oxygen demand) that cannot be directly sent to the sewer system, when distilled in high quantity. WME will have an impressive lineup of exhibitors exhibiting the latest technologies and systems used in distilleries and breweries that would treat spent wash and discharge them safely without affecting the environment.

Sugar Industry

Sugar mills generate solid wastes such as press mud and bagasse. The millhouse wastewater produced during operations contains high suspended solids and has high BOD, which makes it difficult to meet the acceptable disposal standards. WME will be bring innovative waste management technologies for the sugar industry, which reduce the amount of TDS (total dissolved solids) and TSS (total suspended solids) in effluents discharged from sugar mills.

Textile Industry

Textile industry is one of the most polluting industries, where waste is generated from the production and consumption of textiles. Textiles leave tons of undesirables such as dyes, heavy metals and non-biodegradable dyeing chemicals. The effluent needs to be treated before being discharged to the environment. WME will showcase the latest effluent treatment technologies for the textile industry, such that the treated effluents would comply with the environmental regulations.


Tanneries generate gaseous wastes, liquid wastes and solid wastes during the processing of hides into leather. Most of the tanneries lack proper drainage system and effluent treatment system. The wastewater discharged has high BOD (biochemical oxygen demand), COD (chemical oxygen demand), dissolved solids, chlorides and harmful chemicals, which pollute the water bodies and groundwater. Tanning operations also emit poisonous greenhouse gases along with dust into the atmosphere. WME will bring pioneering waste management solutions for the leather tanning industry to manage gaseous wastes, liquid wastes and solid wastes.

Automobile Industry

Automobile industries produce wastewater, which can have a great impact on the environment, if not managed properly. Wastewater contains contaminants such as metals, oil, grease, chemicals, detergents, phosphates, etc. Big automotive facilities located outside the city limits face difficulties as they are unable to discharge directly or send to sewage treatment plants. WME will be bringing latest closed loop wastewater systems for the automobile industry, such that the treated water can be reused.

Paint & Dyes Industry

Paint and dyes manufacturing industries produce sludge containing BOD (biochemical oxygen demand), COD (chemical oxygen demand), TDS (total dissolved solids), SS (suspended solids), residual, toxic metals, phenolic compounds, oil, grease and solvents. The wastewater from these industries can contaminate water bodies, if not disposed of properly. WME will display the latest wastewater treatment systems that can effectively treat wastewater in as per the environmental standards.

Pulp & Paper Industry

The Pulp and paper industry is regarded as one of the biggest polluter industries in the world. Wastes are primarily generated from pulping and bleaching processes, which include wastewater, solid wastes, VOCs (Volatile organic compounds), sludge and air emissions. Solid wastes generated by this industry can affect the environment, owing to the high organic content, ash, pathogens, partitioning of chlorinated organics and heavy metal content. WME will exhibit innovative technologies for treatment of gas emissions, wastewater treatment, solid waste management and disposal.

Metal Industry

Metal industry in general, generates large amounts of solid wastes during metal production operations. Solid wastes such as slag, dust and sludge cause health problems and leads to environmental degradation. WME will bring waste recovery technologies that convert wastes into by-products as well as zero-waste technologies to ensure safe disposal and waste recycling.


The mining industry generates several billion tons of solid wastes through its mineral processing and metal production operations. Mining operations are impacting the environment, which is coming under intense scrutiny. WME will showcase latest waste processing and recovery technologies for the mining industry that would result in efficient mining operations and avoid waste of limited resources.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical waste is generated from various activities and locations in a healthcare facility. Pharmaceuticals or waste drugs pose a special treatment and management challenge, when they are generated in large quantities from manufacturing units, pharmacies, distribution centers, hospitals, etc. WME will be bringing apt waste management solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, such that the disposal of denatured waste drugs has no impact on the environment or public health.

Wastewater Treatment

When it comes to wastewater treatment facilities, operational efficiency is always of paramount importance and this is the driving factor for innovations in the sector for quite some time. Although, great strides have been made in the development of efficient wastewater treatment technologies, challenges still exist. WME will provide effective water reclamation solutions, such that clean water can be safely returned to its source.

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